Apple Introduces “Ping” Music Social Network and iTunes 10

This article is really exciting for the music lovers out there.

If you are a musician, song writer or simply a listener make sure to check out the latest of what ITunes has come up with. This is sure to be a craze for the usic industry.

Apple Introduces “Ping” Music Social Network and iTunes 10.

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Blogging Mania

Writing is something I’ve done for years but it is sometimes overwhelming to decide what topic to pursue as I have so many ideas that are constantly floating in my head. I am great at collaborating. It was always easier when my editor would give me a specific assignment and off I went. Now it’s deciding which topic to lasso and proceed on the ride to completion.

In the blogging world it is a completely different format in which one uses to engage it’s readers and to have fluent community style and etiquette. I have written for state newspapers, magazine periodicals, published writers for print and much more yet blogging is not at all even close to the others.

When writing for a state newspaper I received specific instructions by the editor to write to my readers at a 5th grade level. I know! This is surprising, right? I was shocked too when I first heard this. I thought what? The public has got to be more intelligent than this! My editor was adamant that the national average daily reader was at this level. For years I acknowledged his request with submitting every article just as he asked. Then television enlightened me with a new game show called ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader’. After watching one episode I realized these guys are pretty intelligent. I realized 5th grade was way harder than I remember!

I came to this conclusion that my blog writing here at LeafandInk would be what I might want to read on a comfortable day. A day full of peace and sunshine. I decided to write to my audience as you are my family and friends. I decided that this is a community. With all the need for community in this world I made the decision to make blogging my conversation with you. I’m inviting you into the world of LeafandInk right here in Portland, Oregon and what makes us… us.

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Bicycling PDX to France

While performing a Google search for ‘Portland Oregon Bicycling’

I came across information regarding Portland having an actual Bike Salon!

Cycling Salon 

What other city in the U.S. Do you know of that boasts this?

Yeah, Portland’s bike community is always full of surprises. You will no less find a bike niche where you feel comfortable. Whether it be casually peddling down the Spring Water Corridor or the Eastbank Esplanade, Portland’s version of Paris’s Champs-Elysées, where you can meander along the Willamette River or if you decide to bravely (crazily) participate in The Naked Bike Ride.

There are all kinds of great trails and inner city rides to experience.

Here’s a fantastic site called ‘Map My Ride’ Map My Ride where you can map out any ride via the city of Portland and it’s shining metro area you wish. You can even log a work out and keep motivated and fit.

Our friend and fellow artist and designer Feyza of IkaBags in Paris, France knows all too well what it takes to pull off a great ride.

Feyza designs these amazing eco friendly bags to tote with you anywhere.


While Feyza has been creating in France, Autumn is creating state side right here in PDX.

As you may have seen her bicycle illustrations the rest of the world is also taking notice via our LeafandInkEtsyShop, Urban Outfitters Print Shop, Threadless & more!

We are so excited to announce that LeafandInk will be offering for sale T Shirts, ‘Indie Illie’ Jewelry and Canvas Art Prints all with original designs in addition to our current available Archival Print Illustrations.

We will check in with you soon to post all the details.

While keeping those bicycles find tuned for peddling around here or in Paris…

Keep your eyes and ears fine tuned for all that’s happening here at LeafandInk!

Ride with LeafandInk

Ride with LeafandInk

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Narwhal vs Unicorn-Who will win?

We have been having sooo much fun creating here at LeafandInk.

We’ve also been researching and learning so much about the Narwhal.

Yes, we did say NARWHAL!

Have you heard of them? Have you seen one? Do you know what a Narwhal is?

We found this amazing utube video from our research time. Check it out!


We also found another great video that definitely features the lighter side pertaining to the Narwhal…or does it?


I think it’s safe to say the Narwhal is creatively made wouldn’t you agree?

Here is the latest creation that Unicorn & Narwhal inspired in Autumn Rose.

Now available for purchase through our Etsy store!!!

Just click below

Unicorn and Narwhal

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Hood Stands Tall

Weather fantastic!

View out our window breathtaking!

Mt Hood stands tall as he watches over us!

'He Who Watches'

This is the giant that stands in watch over our valley here in Portland and it’s surroundings.

Mt Hood at Sunrise

I am blessed to wake up each day to this and lay my head to rest knowing the great mountain is there standing tall.

Sometimes clothed in white and grey caplets and other times completely bathed in marshmallow creams of fresh snowfall.

Either way he stands.

Mt Hood tucks us in at night.

There is one particular day out of each year rare though it be that the sun rises directly behind this mountain.

It is magical to witness the occasion.

We have been blessed to do so.

The kiss of morning.

The mountain has claimed life and breathed life. It is host to variable wildlife. A domain for thousands of explorers who come to it’s sides for hiking, skiing, snowboarding and even climbing it’s peeks.

Timberline Lodge- Mt Hood

For years climbers have come to Mt Hood.

Our friend Matt Gonzalez blasting out a Double Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    Many achieve great heights.
      This is our back yard. This is our home.

      We share ‘him’ our mountain, with all of you

      to bring you closer to our family.

      Closer to the land we live in here in this breathtaking place.

      Yet really ‘He’ the mountain, shares with each of us.

      Lending it’s terrain to amuse and entertain us.

      Offering it’s beauty to inspire and make us dream.

    Another reason we create.

    Because we are surrounded with creation.

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    Portlands Bike Life

    With all the cycling that Portland Oregon is known for it appears there is always something on the topic that we can be writing about.

    More than likely you probably will see a periodical on the subject here at LeafandInk so enjoy, for here is the 1st of more to come!

    Art In Bike Pile Form

    Portland Bike Art

    I cant even begin to tell you how many times we have passed this mound of bicycles as we are either heading into Powell’s on Burnside or have just spent an hour or two combing through all the hip finds at Buffalo Exchange. Us PDX locals pass by as if the mound is not even visible and if it weren’t for all the tourists snapping pics it may not get a bit of our attention.

    Now granted there are many more beautiful things to feast your eyes on while here in Portland. The all too familiar piles of bicycles are frequent bites of eye candy, whether intentional art or unfortunate pile ups due to accidents…y’ouch!

    Local Signage

    Look out!

    It’s never a dull moment here thats for sure. I remember once while commuting with a friend downtown leaving a long day at work. We were heading towards the waterfront to grab one of the bridges from west to east & I noticed the cyclist in front of us gazing up at Portland’s architectural highlights. The problem? He was still traveling at a climbing rate and right in the middle of rush hour traffic! I got my friends attention to make sure she new this guy was not paying attention. Sure enough traffic came to an abrupt halt and the guy is still looking up. Right before he was just about to make impact with the car in front of him he looks down to a sobering awakening just in the nick of time to jam on his brakes. So we sit patiently until the traffic begins to move again and No Kidding!!! This guy does it again! He turns his head up to view the sky? Planes? Pigeons??? What could be more important than watching the road?! We precede to watch this guy do this repeatedly.

    And just then….it happened! Traffic comes to a dead stop, cyclist head still up yet feet peddling at increasing speed and “BAM***SMACK**SLAM***FLIP***AIRBORNE***WAM***TORPEDO ROLL***YIKES***SIGN POST!” All this from slamming into the Beemer in front of him! Pedestrians scramble to assist this very ‘stunned’ cyclist as the driver of the BMW jumps out, walks over to the cyclist and begins screaming; “What the H-E-Double L do you think you were doing?!”

    What happened to the good ole days when cyclist were careful and times were slower? LeafandInk decided to take a venture back to those days and the following are just a few samples of the illustrations Autumn came up with.

    This is "Balloon Girl"

    I like to ride my bicycle, do you like to ride yours?

    These two illustrations were picked up by Urban Outfitters! They are selling T Shirts, Lap Top Skins and I Phone Skins.

    ‘Made for each other’ was just completed last night. She uploaded it to Society 6 and today it is featured on their main page!

    'Made for each other'

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    The View From Here

    As I see it in my minds eye the world can be harsh at times.

    I look at all the current events threatening our environment and it can seem daunting.

    Leaf and Ink definitely takes a serious look at what we may do to improve the state of our surroundings locally and beyond. Here is just a small contribution to what we see happening with our fine feathered friends in the midst of the Gulf Oil Spill CRISIS. Why must they suffer! Innocence.

    Help raise more concern to our friendly wildlife near the BP oil spill!

    Here is our more serious side at Leaf+Ink.

    Save the Pelican


    Indie Illustration reproduction printed on 8.5 x 11 designed and created by Autumn Rose

    Each printed with care on artist archival paper with exceptional archival inks.
    Packaged carefully for shipping.


    Item ships from: United States
    ship to: cost: with another item:
    United States $5.00 USD $1.00 USD
    Australia $5.50 USD $1.00 USD
    Canada $4.50 USD $1.00 USD
    United Kingdom $5.50 USD $1.00 USD
    Everywhere Else $6.50 USD $1.00 USD

    Got a question about this item?

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    Hello world! Leaf and Ink here!

    This is the official first posting of leaf and ink (Leaf + Ink) . We are official!

    Here at Leaf + Ink we will try to give you a taste of life in and around the Portland Oregon area and the Pacific Northwest. We will share homespun stories of the art of everyday life and the arts that we and others create. Also we’ll disclose tidbits of world discoveries as we search the internet and travel in real-time ourselves. Occasionally and/or frequently you may want to hop over to the new Leaf+Ink Etsy store to see whats new for grabs!

    Today a relatively sunny and gorgeous day here in Portland Oregon.  Light breezes from the east keep us a bit cool in our high temperatures above 80 degrees F.  You can pretty much always count on that Columbia Gorge wind to find its way from the east out west to bring us refreshment for most sultry days. It actually tends to find its way in the Fall as well but for now we attempt to just enjoy its peaceful expression.

    The Fall here can bring rapid bouts of hazardous winds in fact. Some forcing arms to grasp the nearest pole for security and others run to close by sanctuaries of entryways.

    Hood River adores the east winds in summer where capacious winds provide sails abundant fuel for windsurfing. Now that’s a sight! Colorful hues dance their way across the white caps while watchers on enjoy the rhythmic sway in the variety of the windsurfers sails.

    Winds bring arrays of delight at times in their breezes.

    Something that definitely was not a breeze was the creativity of this colossal endeavor. Check it out!

    Crocheted Smart Car by StartTheDay.

    This pic was taken and shared on Flyker Start The Day photo stream. Evidently it was taken in Rome when the photographer came across this amazing Smart car that was decked out in this incredible crocheted detail. Now I don’t know about you but I am a crochet and this is amazing to me! The last time I was in Rome I saw so many cars and Vespa racing from point A to point B but none of them looked this colorful and sporting so many rainbow-like twists and overlaps. So much for Knit 1 Pearl 2! This car has the knitting and crochet world taking notice.

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