Hello world! Leaf and Ink here!

This is the official first posting of leaf and ink (Leaf + Ink) . We are official!

Here at Leaf + Ink we will try to give you a taste of life in and around the Portland Oregon area and the Pacific Northwest. We will share homespun stories of the art of everyday life and the arts that we and others create. Also we’ll disclose tidbits of world discoveries as we search the internet and travel in real-time ourselves. Occasionally and/or frequently you may want to hop over to the new Leaf+Ink Etsy store to see whats new for grabs!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/LeafandInk

Today a relatively sunny and gorgeous day here in Portland Oregon.  Light breezes from the east keep us a bit cool in our high temperatures above 80 degrees F.  You can pretty much always count on that Columbia Gorge wind to find its way from the east out west to bring us refreshment for most sultry days. It actually tends to find its way in the Fall as well but for now we attempt to just enjoy its peaceful expression.

The Fall here can bring rapid bouts of hazardous winds in fact. Some forcing arms to grasp the nearest pole for security and others run to close by sanctuaries of entryways.

Hood River adores the east winds in summer where capacious winds provide sails abundant fuel for windsurfing. Now that’s a sight! Colorful hues dance their way across the white caps while watchers on enjoy the rhythmic sway in the variety of the windsurfers sails.

Winds bring arrays of delight at times in their breezes.

Something that definitely was not a breeze was the creativity of this colossal endeavor. Check it out!

Crocheted Smart Car by StartTheDay.

This pic was taken and shared on Flyker Start The Day photo stream. Evidently it was taken in Rome when the photographer came across this amazing Smart car that was decked out in this incredible crocheted detail. Now I don’t know about you but I am a crochet and this is amazing to me! The last time I was in Rome I saw so many cars and Vespa racing from point A to point B but none of them looked this colorful and sporting so many rainbow-like twists and overlaps. So much for Knit 1 Pearl 2! This car has the knitting and crochet world taking notice.


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6 Responses to Hello world! Leaf and Ink here!

  1.  Love the car!The Crocheted design is so great!Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the car!Love crocheted arts!Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOVE the car! ..would love to find out how long that took 😛
    …Enjoying your blog so far…will be following! 🙂
    All the best with the blog and Etsy shop.

    • Jackie Licht says:

      Love The car!! I’m with Rae…how long did that take? That person has some extra time in life huh? Love you!

  4. Rae says:

    Yay! Love the crocheted car! Who sent you that amazing photo??

  5. Patti Gage says:

    I love your new blog. I look forward to seeing fun and exciting things.
    Your friend always,

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