Portlands Bike Life

With all the cycling that Portland Oregon is known for it appears there is always something on the topic that we can be writing about.

More than likely you probably will see a periodical on the subject here at LeafandInk so enjoy, for here is the 1st of more to come!

Art In Bike Pile Form

Portland Bike Art

I cant even begin to tell you how many times we have passed this mound of bicycles as we are either heading into Powell’s on Burnside or have just spent an hour or two combing through all the hip finds at Buffalo Exchange. Us PDX locals pass by as if the mound is not even visible and if it weren’t for all the tourists snapping pics it may not get a bit of our attention.

Now granted there are many more beautiful things to feast your eyes on while here in Portland. The all too familiar piles of bicycles are frequent bites of eye candy, whether intentional art or unfortunate pile ups due to accidents…y’ouch!

Local Signage

Look out!

It’s never a dull moment here thats for sure. I remember once while commuting with a friend downtown leaving a long day at work. We were heading towards the waterfront to grab one of the bridges from west to east & I noticed the cyclist in front of us gazing up at Portland’s architectural highlights. The problem? He was still traveling at a climbing rate and right in the middle of rush hour traffic! I got my friends attention to make sure she new this guy was not paying attention. Sure enough traffic came to an abrupt halt and the guy is still looking up. Right before he was just about to make impact with the car in front of him he looks down to a sobering awakening just in the nick of time to jam on his brakes. So we sit patiently until the traffic begins to move again and No Kidding!!! This guy does it again! He turns his head up to view the sky? Planes? Pigeons??? What could be more important than watching the road?! We precede to watch this guy do this repeatedly.

And just then….it happened! Traffic comes to a dead stop, cyclist head still up yet feet peddling at increasing speed and “BAM***SMACK**SLAM***FLIP***AIRBORNE***WAM***TORPEDO ROLL***YIKES***SIGN POST!” All this from slamming into the Beemer in front of him! Pedestrians scramble to assist this very ‘stunned’ cyclist as the driver of the BMW jumps out, walks over to the cyclist and begins screaming; “What the H-E-Double L do you think you were doing?!”

What happened to the good ole days when cyclist were careful and times were slower? LeafandInk decided to take a venture back to those days and the following are just a few samples of the illustrations Autumn came up with.

This is "Balloon Girl"

I like to ride my bicycle, do you like to ride yours?

These two illustrations were picked up by Urban Outfitters! They are selling T Shirts, Lap Top Skins and I Phone Skins.

‘Made for each other’ was just completed last night. She uploaded it to Society 6 and today it is featured on their main page!

'Made for each other'


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