Hood Stands Tall

Weather fantastic!

View out our window breathtaking!

Mt Hood stands tall as he watches over us!

'He Who Watches'

This is the giant that stands in watch over our valley here in Portland and it’s surroundings.

Mt Hood at Sunrise

I am blessed to wake up each day to this and lay my head to rest knowing the great mountain is there standing tall.

Sometimes clothed in white and grey caplets and other times completely bathed in marshmallow creams of fresh snowfall.

Either way he stands.

Mt Hood tucks us in at night.

There is one particular day out of each year rare though it be that the sun rises directly behind this mountain.

It is magical to witness the occasion.

We have been blessed to do so.

The kiss of morning.

The mountain has claimed life and breathed life. It is host to variable wildlife. A domain for thousands of explorers who come to it’s sides for hiking, skiing, snowboarding and even climbing it’s peeks.

Timberline Lodge- Mt Hood

For years climbers have come to Mt Hood.

Our friend Matt Gonzalez blasting out a Double Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    Many achieve great heights.
      This is our back yard. This is our home.

      We share ‘him’ our mountain, with all of you

      to bring you closer to our family.

      Closer to the land we live in here in this breathtaking place.

      Yet really ‘He’ the mountain, shares with each of us.

      Lending it’s terrain to amuse and entertain us.

      Offering it’s beauty to inspire and make us dream.

    Another reason we create.

    Because we are surrounded with creation.


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    Creating beautiful things for beautiful people
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    2 Responses to Hood Stands Tall

    1. The Mt Hood is really beautiful. I admire you for living in a place of interest and have so much fun. 

    2. Beautiful! Makes me homesick for mountains and the northwest!

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