Bicycling PDX to France

While performing a Google search for ‘Portland Oregon Bicycling’

I came across information regarding Portland having an actual Bike Salon!

Cycling Salon 

What other city in the U.S. Do you know of that boasts this?

Yeah, Portland’s bike community is always full of surprises. You will no less find a bike niche where you feel comfortable. Whether it be casually peddling down the Spring Water Corridor or the Eastbank Esplanade, Portland’s version of Paris’s Champs-Elysées, where you can meander along the Willamette River or if you decide to bravely (crazily) participate in The Naked Bike Ride.

There are all kinds of great trails and inner city rides to experience.

Here’s a fantastic site called ‘Map My Ride’ Map My Ride where you can map out any ride via the city of Portland and it’s shining metro area you wish. You can even log a work out and keep motivated and fit.

Our friend and fellow artist and designer Feyza of IkaBags in Paris, France knows all too well what it takes to pull off a great ride.

Feyza designs these amazing eco friendly bags to tote with you anywhere.


While Feyza has been creating in France, Autumn is creating state side right here in PDX.

As you may have seen her bicycle illustrations the rest of the world is also taking notice via our LeafandInkEtsyShop, Urban Outfitters Print Shop, Threadless & more!

We are so excited to announce that LeafandInk will be offering for sale T Shirts, ‘Indie Illie’ Jewelry and Canvas Art Prints all with original designs in addition to our current available Archival Print Illustrations.

We will check in with you soon to post all the details.

While keeping those bicycles find tuned for peddling around here or in Paris…

Keep your eyes and ears fine tuned for all that’s happening here at LeafandInk!

Ride with LeafandInk

Ride with LeafandInk


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