Blogging Mania

Writing is something I’ve done for years but it is sometimes overwhelming to decide what topic to pursue as I have so many ideas that are constantly floating in my head. I am great at collaborating. It was always easier when my editor would give me a specific assignment and off I went. Now it’s deciding which topic to lasso and proceed on the ride to completion.

In the blogging world it is a completely different format in which one uses to engage it’s readers and to have fluent community style and etiquette. I have written for state newspapers, magazine periodicals, published writers for print and much more yet blogging is not at all even close to the others.

When writing for a state newspaper I received specific instructions by the editor to write to my readers at a 5th grade level. I know! This is surprising, right? I was shocked too when I first heard this. I thought what? The public has got to be more intelligent than this! My editor was adamant that the national average daily reader was at this level. For years I acknowledged his request with submitting every article just as he asked. Then television enlightened me with a new game show called ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader’. After watching one episode I realized these guys are pretty intelligent. I realized 5th grade was way harder than I remember!

I came to this conclusion that my blog writing here at LeafandInk would be what I might want to read on a comfortable day. A day full of peace and sunshine. I decided to write to my audience as you are my family and friends. I decided that this is a community. With all the need for community in this world I made the decision to make blogging my conversation with you. I’m inviting you into the world of LeafandInk right here in Portland, Oregon and what makes us… us.


About leafandink

Creating beautiful things for beautiful people
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